The BMW iNEXT gets in tune with Arjeplog, near the Arctic Circle

The BMW iNEXT It is the future of the Bavarian firm. With this all electric cutting path they want to hit the table to reaffirm their position in the market. The first time we saw the iNEXT Concept was last September. In it, we could determine the aesthetic and technical reference point that the next BMW will follow. However, its arrival on the market will occur in 2021, and therefore, it has to be put to the test.

For this, the engineers in charge of BMW iNEXT have taken it to Sweden . In this northern European country, Bayerische has a test center located in the town of Arjeplog. The reason for this is simple: they want to know how the vehicle behaves in very adverse weather conditions. So, you can see how the traction system , air conditioning, brakes, chassis or suspension work in extreme situations.

The BMW iNEXT is finalizing the cold validation tests

Other technical elements that are also being tested in the BMW iNEXT strong> have to do with autonomous driving and connectivity. The Bavarian firm has announced that the validation tests are being carried out on completely frozen roads. The cold is one of the most dangerous elements for batteries and electric motors. Therefore, they are testing the behavior of the energy management system, eDrive , when supplying power between the motor and the battery.

In addition, the iNEXT account with the ACES connectivity services . These, focus their attention on the needs and requirements of the driver, relying on artificial intelligence. All in all, BMW classifies the iNEXT as a SAV or Sport Activity Vehicle , that is, it distances it from the well-known SUVs. In this way, you want to enhance the driving pleasure in a type of vehicle that, in theory, does not lend itself to it.

For now, the only photographs that BMW has published the iNEXT are these with camouflage. We will have to wait for leaks or new information to know more details. All in all, if your arrival is planned for 2021 , we should not be late in getting to know new details.

Source - BMW

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