The next generation of the Rolls Royce Ghost will arrive in 2020

The Rolls Royce Ghost is a very important model for the English firm. The current generation arrived in the market in 2010 and helped increase their sales. However, over the years has become a veteran model because, although not like to admit, for design and technology there are better. Therefore, those responsible for the English firm are already working on their generational change.

The current Ghost is based on a highly modified platform that used the BMW Series 7 F01 of fifth generation. However, the next Ghost will not keep the base of his cousin, but will follow his own path. Specifically, it will use the aluminum platform that Rolls Royce has developed specifically for Cullinan and Phantom. In this way, you can reduce (a little) your weight and increase your technological load.

The new Ghost will sport a renewed design and greater technology

However, the aspect that matters the most for the next Rolls Royce Ghost is its design. The current one has remained fresh thanks to the fact that several minor restylings have been applied to it. However, a model of its style and packaging is expected to meet a series of requirements, and among them is the imposing . Thus, the models that have been sighted by the spy photographers suggest that it would look similar to the Phantom design.

Thus, the next Ghost is expected to have a silhouette that exceeds 5 meters. However, in this case, it seems that the fall of the roof line is more pronounced. If so, I would like to imply that your sportsmanship (if you can call it that) will be greater than the outgoing model. All in all, its rivals are the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 or Bentley Flying Spur, so sporty dynamic behavior is not necessary.

The interior , of which there are no snapshots , will be filled with quality and technology. In it, do not miss the latest active driving aids as well as a infotainment system to the last. The mechanical range of the next Rolls Royce Ghost is not yet defined. It is speculated with the possibility of keeping the block 6.6 liters V12 Bi-Turbo with 600 HP of power.

For now there is no confirmation of the arrival of a hybrid or electric mechanics , although we should not discount it in the future. In 2020 you should start marketing it, so we will not have more data soon.

Source - Rolls Royce - Coach

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